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What to Serve with Charcuterie Board? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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At first glance, a charcuterie board looks like someone just randomly spread out their grocery shopping.

But it is indeed very much a ready-to-serve dish (for all you clueless foodies out there).

The word “charcuterie” literally means “cured meat” or shops that sell them (like delis).

The French were cautious about not wasting their food.

And thus, charcuterie was born out of preserving or curing leftover meats.

So, a charcuterie board usually has these cured meats as the main attraction.

But there are plenty of other bites such as cheese, dried fruits, pickles, biscuits, etc.

Therefore, you know there are plenty of side dish options with this one.

If you want to know what to serve with a charcuterie board, we got you covered.

Today we will look at 7 excellent side dishes. Let’s dive in.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Charcuterie Board?

why consider serving side dishes with charcuterie board

A charcuterie board is a neat way to lay out a delicious spread for your next meal.

It offers variety in terms of flavor, texture, and color.

The primary thing is you can always get creative with the layout or “recipe” of your charcuterie board.

There is no right or wrong way to arrange the different treats.

You can have varieties of meat, cheese, fruits, etc.

If we look at side dishes, there is plenty to go about.

You can serve anything from a simple sweet sauce to a tropical fruit salad.

And these sides will add more variety to your typical cheese board.

Plus, it calls for an interesting photo for your next tweet or Instagram story.

Make sure the cured meats and cheese are the main attraction on your board.

What to Serve with Charcuterie Board? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Here are 7 of our favorite side dish picks to go along with a Charcuterie Board.

1 – Roasted Vegetable Platter

roasted vegetable platter

Charcuterie boards usually feature raw, sliced veggies.

However, you can take it up a notch by roasting them.

Serve them on a different plate or mix them on your board (the choice is yours).

Roasting vegetables is easy. You can bake them at a set temperature or skewer them over the coal or barbecue.

They will add an extra crunch to your veggies if you don’t like them raw.

The smoky veggies and the various treats on your charcuterie board are a step up from your regular meal.

Plus, you have endless freedom with choices.

A few of our favorites include asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc.

2 – Crusty Semolina Bread

crusty semolina bread

Of course, we know breads are a mainstay in charcuterie boards.

But if you’re tired of your regular bread, go for crusty semolina bread.

It is only fitting to include bread as a side dish to go along with your cheese and meat board.

And these crusty bread made of semolina flour will add richness in flavor.

They are a perfect pair with the various treats on your board.

Moreover, you can make them the same way as any standard loaf of bread.

The star here is the semolina flour which has a lovely aroma.

Top it off with sesame seeds, and you have a combo of crunchy textures and nutty smells, which are so pleasant.

3 – Dill Pickle

dill pickle

Who says dill pickles are only for deli lunches? You can certainly add them to your cheese board for a unique blend of flavors.

For those who don’t know, dill pickles are basically whole cucumbers pickled in vinegar or brine.

The fermentation process makes them sour but in a pleasant way.

This mix of flavors is a welcome addition to your charcuterie plate.

Plus, dill pickles have plenty of nutritional value.

They have almost no fat content and are packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Pickles are not uncommon in charcuterie boards.

Add a few pieces of pickled cucumbers for a relaxed and refreshing mix.

4 – Candied Fruits

candied fruits

Are you a sucker for sugary treats? If so, candied fruits are an excellent option for your next charcuterie board.

If you find raw fruits bland, give candied fruits a try.

You can use whole fruits like cherries, sliced pineapples, or lemon peels.

“Candying” is simply coating these fruits in sugar syrup to preserve them.

Including these preserved fruits in your cheese board adds to the overall aesthetic.

Plus, let us not forget the sweet treats they provide.

It is a dream platter for all you sweet tooths out there.

5 – Honey Glazed Banana Bread

honey glazed banana bread

A neat way to up your bread game is to whip up a loaf of nice banana bread.

And when you glaze them in honey, you’ll be lost for words.

Many people go for sourdough, baguette, etc.

These have a rough texture, which isn’t bad.

But you can never say no to a moist crumb of bread.

Banana bread usually includes apricots and dried cherries as well.

But you can exclude them if you want the wholesome flavor of the bananas.

These smooth, honey-glazed loaves, along with the cheese and meat treats, are a bite to behold.

Don’t blame us if your charcuterie board is wiped clean after this.

No wonder these tasty loaves have their own “holiday”.

6 – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

cinnamon sugar pretzels

They are easy to make but will melt and stay in your taste buds.

Yes, we’re talking about cinnamon sugar pretzels.

The great thing about these pretzels is that they’re easy to make.

You prepare the pretzels, dip them in butter, and finally, coat them in cinnamon sugar.

It’s that easy. These are a welcome addition to the already colorful and flavourful palette you’ve got going.

If you’re looking for a change from bread, these coated pretzels will do the work.

Also, make sure to bake your pretzels, so the coating stays on and does not drip off.

7 – Lemon Pound Cake

lemon pound cake

If you’re looking for something to trigger those taste buds, a lemon pound cake sounds just right.

Pound cakes are a delicacy fit for any occasion.

And they will serve their purpose in your cheese board.

The secret to this particular version is the lemon zest and glaze.

Essential ingredients for your lemon glaze are lemon juice, sugar, and milk.

Adding lemon juice to your batter also fluffs up your cake even more.

Likewise, you can have fun with this recipe.

Add a few pistachios and almonds for an added crunch, or have it plain.

It’s quite a treat, either way.


It is always fun preparing a charcuterie board.

There are various treats you can include at your next charcuterie party.

You have plenty of side dish options at your disposal as well.

If you want to go authentic, make sure your charcuterie meats are cured with salt or smoked.

They might look raw, but they are 100% edible.

However, there are charcuterie boards that feature cooked meat as well.

All in all, have fun with different recipes and eatables.

Charcuterie boards give you endless freedom to explore.

And most of the time, the side dishes work out just perfect.

What to Serve with Charcuterie Board? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Roasted Vegetable Platter

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  • Dill Pickle

  • Candied Fruits

  • Honey Glazed Banana Bread

  • Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

  • Lemon Pound Cake


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