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What to Serve with Turkey Meatloaf? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Turkey meatloaf is the star, folks. We’re here to amp up the plate with sides that make your taste buds dance. In our kitchen, we’ve discovered combinations that’ll make you forget plain old mashed potatoes.

Ever tried sweet potato fries with a sprinkle of sea salt? Game-changer. Our experiences have taught us it’s all about balance. Zesty green beans or creamy coleslaw, we’ve got the mix right.

We’ve laughed over spilling quinoa salad everywhere, learned that roasted Brussels sprouts can convert veggie haters, and confirmed that a good cornbread can indeed solve life’s problems. Join the fun and see what we pair with turkey meatloaf.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Turkey Meatloaf?

why consider serving side dishes with turkey meatloaf

Turkey meatloaf is prepared with ground turkey meat cooked in a ketchup-based sauce.

You can bake it in a loaf pan or a baking tray, and they’ll both be delicious.

The meatloaf is rich with protein and has minute quantities of carbs and fat, so you need to include side dishes that will provide the lacking nutrients,.

Salads are always a good option, but you can also serve meaty side dishes that help you savor the meal.

What to Serve with Turkey Meatloaf? 7 BEST Side Dishes

A turkey meatloaf can be tricky to pair with.

But we’ve taken the trouble to find the best seven side dishes for you.

1 – French Onion Soup

french onion soup

If comfort food is on your checklist of daily meals, what better way to boost a turkey meatloaf than to serve an onion soup?

As the recipe name suggests, the main ingredient of this side dish is onions cooked in meat stock.

Butter, olive oil, sugar, garlic, flour, white wine, gruyère cheese, and baguette are the other ingredients that make up this masterpiece.

You have to thank the French for this super comforting, aromatic, and delicious soup.

Because who even thought that onions could be prepared into something so satisfying.

And if the dietary nutrition troubles you, just adjust the amount of cheese to make it healthier.

2 – Mashed Cauliflower

mashed cauliflower

Mashed potato lovers, you might want to try a cauliflower version of your favorite creamy dish.

It has a buttery texture that is enhanced with the flavors of unsalted butter, garlic, parmesan cheese, and sour cream.

So, how is mashed cauliflower different from the potato version? First, it has a grainy texture that gives it a unique feeling from most others.

Also, it has a nutty and sweet taste that makes people quickly attracted to it.

But the best would be that mashed cauliflower is a perfect alternative for mashed potatoes while also nourishing you with all the health benefits of cauliflower.

3 – Creamy Tuscan Chicken

creamy tuscan chicken

Who says meatloaf should only be paired with vegetables? We’re here to help you enjoy the best meaty meal you could ever have with meatloaf.

Tuscan chicken features a creamy texture that is achieved by adding ingredients such as parmesan cheese, cream, butter, and flour.

And the aroma is developed from garlic, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes.

With all the ingredients cooked in chicken stock, there’s nowhere you could go wrong while preparing this dish.

Its rich gravy is the best option you can use ot dip your meatloaf in.

4 – Watermelon Cucumber Salad

watermelon cucumber salad

If it’s the summertime when you decide to serve the turkey meatloaf, you’ll need something refreshing to cool you off.

A watermelon salad is your best bet when you want to have something that refreshes your palate after each bite of the tender but dry meatloaf.

The bright red color of watermelon is promising enough to give you all the summer feels you need.

But we know how to make it better.

Zucchini, olive oil, arugula, and basil leaves can make a watermelon salad have the extra zing it needs to become a fancy-looking side dish.

Adding shredded feta cheese as a topping is key to achieving the perfect balance in this refreshing and juicy summer salad.

5 – Chicken Potato Bake

chicken potato bake

Chicken and potatoes make a great pair.

So, what better way than to bake them together into a single dish? It is creamy and has the right texture to pair with the meatloaf.

Onions, garlic, all-purpose flour, mustard powder, chicken stock, cream, and dried parsley make up the other ingredients that contribute to the overall taste.

If you don’t want bones getting in the way of your eating, chicken breasts are the best parts to look out for.

This side dish will give you a significant amount of protein, carbs, and fiber; you cannot ask for more.

Just a bite into the bake, and all your dinner guests will go ‘yummy’.

6 – Radish Salad with Greek Yogurt

radish salad with greek yogurt

Most of us don’t find any use for radishes, and now you’re given a chance to correct it.

Yes, radish is beneficial to your health, and it is delicious too.

If you don’t like the thought of having to eat spicy raw radish, you can add sliced cucumbers to balance the lingering flavors in your mouth.

And the cherry on top of this salad is the tangy and healthy Greek yogurt that brings all the ingredients together.

Once you serve this salad as a side dish, you’ll see how easy it is to take in the somewhat dry meatloaf.

7 – Broccoli Soup

broccoli soup

If you need something with carbs, protein, fiber, and fats almost in the same amount, you cannot do without a broccoli soup.

The refreshing green color of this soup is enough to attract everyone to it, and it is also a fun way to make those picky eaters eat their share of veggies.

You need butter, olive oil, garlic, onions, chicken broth, and fresh herbs to enhance the taste of the broccoli.

Making the soup into a puree or keeping the broccoli chunks in are delicious ways to serve it.

And the best thing about a broccoli soup is how quickly it comes together, i.e., in under 10 minutes.


You cannot stick to just one kind of side dish for turkey meatloaf, and this article must have proved you just that.

Salads are always a healthy food choice when balancing the meal menu.

But sometimes, you must follow what your palate asks for and include all the savory dishes.

That is why we have included meaty sides so that you never feel out of options to serve in your dinners.

And once you have your meal ready, you just need to wait for the compliments to come rushing in.

What to Serve with Turkey Meatloaf? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Enhance your turkey meatloaf experience with our carefully selected array of side dishes! Discover the 7 best accompaniments that flawlessly harmonize with the comforting flavors of turkey meatloaf.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • French Onion Soup
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Creamy Tuscan Chicken
  • Watermelon Cucumber Salad
  • Chicken Potato Bake
  • Radish Salad with Greek Yogurt
  • Broccoli Soup


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
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